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There once was a girl that was sad all the time. Even though there was a time where she was happy, over the years she just couldn't bring herself to feel any better. She was quiet, smart and creative; however most of the time she didn't feel this way. She felt cold, empty, and like nothing good was ever going to come.

She had a couple friends and a boyfriend, but still she felt alone. She tried to keep a mask up, telling them that she was okay and stay upbeat. But the boyfriend saw through it. The girl wasn't sure how to interact with people the right way, but she tried her best, but often times she felt like she was failing miserably. Her boyfriend was friends with all these people, and she felt outnumbered most of the time. Games that she once loved and played by herself felt like work and a headache with others because her skill wasn't as good as the rest. Single player games and even drawing started to feel more like a chore.

She didn't have many friends as a child, so jokes often either went over her head or she felt like she was being laughed at. She became for withdrawn from the group, seeing herself as a laughing stock even with all the reassurance from the boyfriend. But the girl felt like he was still laughing at her all the while. Often times, he would get upset at her for doing something that caused a loss or forget to call him back. She rarely talked and this made him frustrated. He would often accuse her of cheating on him or being uncaring. But this wasn't the case. she didn't know how to deal with it all.

This led to angry outbursts at times because when she did try and talk about how she felt, it was often met with comments of "You're just being a girl." or "That's just how you feel." But all she wanted was to talk and couldn't because of her sadness and fear.

The boyfriend often tried to talk to her outside of the group, but often chastised her for insulting him as well. That she didn't know how to take a joke, that she hid everything she did and all the other things that she did wrong. She had never been too open with her life, and he often used this to "talk" to her as well. This made her clam up even more. Ever a reminder of what she was feeling.


The attempts to talk finally stopped after a while, feeling like she knew what would happen if she spoke up. Even trying to do this things she loved stopped. The feeling of control of her life ever leaving her hands lingered. She finally took all the criticism that was lobbed at her by her boyfriend. Turning into the shell of a person she once was.  
Sad Shell
just something I wrote. Surprise, surprise. 


zu-zu for short ^__^
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this has been a nutcase of a weekend.

AWA came a went like a chocolate cake. you don't miss it till it's gone. One thing is for sure: denmark is scary and italy is a sweetheart.

after that, my town and the interstate gets flooded and we haven't goten to go to school yet and my routine is out of whack.

on the submission note, my scaner, and now my camera are out of commision, but my writer muse has smacked me over the head, so I will be subiting a bunch of stories (backstories and random plot bunnies) so look for those. see ya around. ^.^

p.s. if anybody knows where to find that giant carramelldansen riot from awa, send it to me please

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